Driving with John Chow episode 5, The Notagrouch Edition.

The other day I called my buddy John up to see what he was up to, turns out he was having a film crew coming over to his place to do a documentary about the "dot com lifestyle." I came over to hang out and watch the whole process. They're going to call it something different, but it's all about the lifestyle that is accessible to anyone that wants to.

It was pretty cool, check out the pictures and a video I made about it. By the way, this documentary should be out sometime next year or later this year and it should be pretty cool. John is just one of many subjects in the movie and it all revolves around the new economy that the internet has created.

The opportunities that are availalbe for everyone are amazing. John happened to capitalize on these opportunities earlier on, but that doesn't mean you can't do it today. In fact, he had many more obstacles than you do today. Back when whe started, many of these things we use everyday and we take for granted weren't around, were too expensive or required extreme technical ability.

After the film crew finished, we headed out to run some errands on his new benz. Man, that thing is insane. Check out the little video we made on Driving with John Chow. I want my own benz like that, but it probably wouldn't be good for me. I'll stick to a sedan when I'm ready for it.

Driving with John chow is a lot of fun. This was episode #5 and I'll be coming up soon on episode 9. Stay tuned for that.

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