My Fitness Goals for 2014

I need to pay more attention to my health. Last December I started a 30 day challenge where I was supposed to eat a salad each day. I wasn't specifically trying to lose weight, but I just needed to eat better. You know, more greens, more vegetables, less sugar, fat & sodium.

December, of course could be the worst month to try to do this if you live in the Western world. There are all the holiday parties and dinners, lunches or brunches and constant temptation to eat your favorite treats everywhere you go. Needless to say, the 30 day challenge didn't quite work out as I planned it.

Will try to eat more of these.
Will try to eat more of these.

I definitely ate a lot more greens and cut back on sugars and salt and fat, but I wasn't consistent. I ate a salad almost every day, but the process of photographing it or blogging about it was the part that didn't work out so much. It's not really what I like to talk about or blog about; I love talking about business, blogging and making money. Maybe I'll try it again.

This time around I have just made a commitment to myself to have a healthier lifestyle. Coincidentally, my friend introduced me to Myfitnesspal. It's an app (Android or iOS) and a website that help you keep your goals by reminding you of them, and helping you keep track of the food you eat and the exercise you do... or don't.

They also have a handy little widget like this one that helps you keep track and just serves as a reminder. I think I'll put it on my fitness related blogposts so you can see my progress and kick me in the ass when you see that I'm slacking --hopefully I won't!

My goal is simply to eat healthier and lose 40lbs. This time next year, I should weigh 180lbs. No excuses, no bull. I find that my ideal weight is 180 lbs, when I am at that weight, I'm very happy, all my clothes fit, I feel great and I know that my body has to work less. That is a good thing.

I haven't quite figured out a whole plan, like exercise or any specific diet. I'm not going to try to do that. I'm keeping it simple. Calories in, calories out, then try to exercise as much as possible.

Perhaps you want to join me? Just find me on Myfitnesspal and jump on, the more people you have watching your journey the more chances of success so why don't you help me and I'll help you.

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