Foursquare Time machine

Under today's Neat Stuff I Found, I bring you my Foursquare Time machine. I am on the virge of ditching foursquare for good, but then my buddy Jeff Hester puts this up on his youtube channel. And all of the sudden I can't delete my Foursquare account.

There's just so much in there. And now, Foursquare comes up with this neat thing, Foursquare Timemachine.

And it brings back memories of good Foursquare fun, and badges and the dreams of getting rewards for your loyalty to your favorite spots. So I'm thinking I may keep using Foursquare for a while, although I haven't checked in anywhere for a while.

But anyway, this is what made me think about sticking around for a while. I love big data and I love what foursquare has done with our own personal stats to create this. This is useful, this is cool, this reminds me of using social media apps for fun not just business.

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