Free File Conversion Website.

This conversion app is awesome! It allows you to convert files from one type to another without having to install any expensive programs. Its all free and its done online. The process is pretty simple and it actually works.

It may not be full of fancy features but it did the trick of converting a PDF file into a Word document for me. So it was worth every penny that I didn't pay. I highly recommend adding this to your favorites for future reference.

So you go to their site, you browse to your local system to find the file you want to convert. You then select the type of file you want it converted to and specify an e-mail address that will receive the link to download the newly converted file. Pretty nifty if you ask me. Check it out!

Zamzar - Free online file conversion

5 min later edit...

Wow, it even does media files. Granted there is a 100 mb limit but if you don't need more than that then this is great for that too.

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