How To Fix Autofill on LastPass Mobile

I love LastPass. They are making some strange decisions lately, but they are still my preferred method to keep usernames, passwords and secure notes available wherever I go, and whenever I need them.

If you have LastPass Premium, and a late model Android then you have a featured called App Fill. With app fill, LastPass will autofill in your usernames and passwords when you try to login to an app like Twitter, or Instagram, or Netflix, or whatever.

This is similar to how LastPass works on the browser, except it works with your mobile apps on Android.

LastPass works on all of your devices.
LastPass works on all of your devices.

But sometimes we goof it up or we have fat fingers and It seems that Lastpass autofill is broken.

If you don't have the app fill option and you always have to copy and paste your username and password, I recommend you get LastPass Premium which is only $12 per year. You get tougher security like two-factor authentication and mobile integration amongst other things.

At one point when switching between Instagram accounts I accidentally told LastPass NOT to prompt me anymore. This meant that whenever I logged out of Instagram I would have to manually go and find my password for the other account I wanted to use.

This is a major PITA and it defeats the whole purpose of using LastPass. If you find yourself in the same boat as I did, then this is how you fix it.

Re-Associate LastPass app fill with your app

Here is how you can associate LastPass with an app after you accidentally or deliberately told Lastpass not to prompt you.

  1. Open up LastPass, and on the top left corner click on the menu slider. I can't show you screenshots of everything because LastPass doesn't allow screenshots of any of its screens.
  2. Once you open that up, at the bottom you'll see the cogwheel icon and settings menu, click on that.
  3. The 3rd option down the list is labeled "App Fill," click on that.
  4. Then look for the option to "Edit app fill settings" and click on that.
  5. Search for the app you want to associate with LastPass, in my case, it was Instagram.
  6. Click on the app, then you will see two boxes. To add the association make sure "Show fill helper" is checked, then click ok.

After you do this and you get back to your app, LastPass should come up at the login screen and try to help you fill in username and password. No more copying and pasting.

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