Free WordPress and Wordcamp San Diego Edition Vlog #3

In this vlog I talk about three things. Check it out. First I remind you about my free wordpress installation service. I also mention one of the more popular Wordcamps around the country, that's Wordcamp San Diego, that will be taking place this coming Saturday and if you can get your hands on a ticket I highly recommend it. Last year it was great and generally Wordcamps are a lot of fun. The third thing I talk about is a really cool app available for your android device, it's called My Tracks and it allows you to save where you've been and a lot of details about that "path" that you took, whether is in your bike, walking or in a car. The only downside is that it seems to be available only for android.


  1. Loved the cameo from your daughter (I heard her in the background). See you this weekend at WordCamp SD!

    • Thanks Jeff! She’s in a couple of them so far. Once she’s older you guys will get to actually see her and not just her baby car seat. — Unfortunately a few things came up and I can’t make it this Saturday so I won’t get a chance to catch up. But I want to hear about your Russia and India recent trips and just catch up in general. It’s been a while.

      Thanks for watching again!

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