Free WordPress Installation and configuration

This offer is hard to pass up.

I've been working with several people, helping them with their websites. I have also been doing this as my part of my day job for years. I also provide regular technology services to select clients. Recently I noticed that there aren't many services available out there that do what I do for individuals or small businesses. In fact there are some companies that do this but they charge an arm an a leg and don't really provide the world class service I put into my work. So I thought I'd change that a little bit.

I am now offering this service for free.  You'll still have to buy your own hosting. You must buy a hosting plan from one of the service providers I recommend, AND you must purchase it by using the link or code on that page.  You also must buy your own domain; I recommend Godaddy. These two items are the only things that will cost you any money. To be sure, Buy Hosting  from one of my recommended vendors, and a domain from Godaddy.

If you're ready to have your own WordPress website, here is your chance to get it all done. I am ready to help you. Check out all that you get, and its free:

  • WordPress installed and configured with standard settings, based on best practices.
  • 6 Essential plugins installed & configured.
  • Your choice of Up to 10 additional plugins, installed and configured with standard settings. Choose from a list (being finalized).
  • 1 Month of maintenance support & administration. For 1 month, I will keep your plugins and wordpress up to date, as well as moderate your comments (optional) and make sure all administrative points of your website are taken care off. After 1 month, you can take over or hire my services or negotiate a deal.
  • 3 - 5 Static pages (About, Contact, Mission, and two additional of your choice) All configured for SEO.
  • FREE Standard SEO for 3 - 6 pages. (You must complete the SEO form I have over here: (google form).
  • Free Statistics Report in email every day. Using Google Analytics
  • Twitter and Facebook Buttons.
  • Caching configuration to improve the speed of your website.
  • Standard Social Media configuration.
  • Nightly WordPress Backups.
  • Standard Security Configuration.
  • Pick from about 30 different themes, or virtually any with good ratings and good feedback.
  • Help you with a Premium Theme you already purchased.

Who Needs this?

  • Anyone that wants to have full control over their website but isn't ready to commit to a very expensive solution or big investment.
  • Someone that wants to have a website that they can build out themselves. This is ideal for do-it-yourselfers that just need a little help
  • Bloggers that want to move to their own hosted WordPress site and want someone to run their website. usually moving from Blogspot, or or Tumblr, or other blogging platforms
  • Bloggers that want to have their blog all setup, optimized and configured in a few months and then take control over it.
  • Small Businesses that need an easy to use and publish CMS system, not to mention FREE.
  • If you want to have your own website, where you control the hosting and every aspect of it, this is for you.
  • This is especially attractive for web designers that don't want to bother with installation and maintenance issues.
  • Anyone that is a do-it-yourself kind of person but just needs to get started.

Why Should you get this over one of your paid plans or someone else's services?

  1. You should not get this instead of one of my paid plans. If you have considered my paid plans for the features included and you want those features on your website, you should not get this plan. I do not do custom code or custom design or custom development for free.
  2. You should get this if you're interested in setting up a professional blog without any investment at first.
  3. You should get this if you're in a low budget situation.
  4. You should get this if you like tinkering with your theme, plugins, and settings and like the do-it-yourself approach.
  5. You've got nothing to loose. When you decide to move to self hosted  --some people call it, you will need to buy your own hosting. The offer I'm giving you costs you nothing more than your hosting fee and your domain; if you look hard enough, you can even find free domains out there --Just make sure they let you change DNS records and be sure to ask before you buy.
  6. Generally, your website will be ready for you to customize in 48 - 96 hours depending on my workload. I treat each one of these in a first come, first served basis. If you're interested in priority services, please check out my services info.
  7. And because people like my work. See Testimonials for Oscarstech and Oscar Gonzalez.

Really, what's the catch? This usually costs HUNDREDS and sometimes Thousands of dollars.

Of course there's a catch, but I think it is reasonable. If you think you have a better offer or details, please present them to me.

Question:You yourself sell websites at thousands of dollars. WTF?
Answer: Some websites require a high level of customization, or integration, beyond normal, or the delivery of the website  includes personal training, or some of the services I offer. Please read the Free WordPress Installation FAQ for more info, and  the disclaimer page. And please don't be afraid to Ask me via Email or @notagrouch on Twitter.

All of the services I offer above are free, please note that some of the services are only for a limited amount of time. Other services are limited and customization is limited with the free options. When some of the free services expires I will ask you about it and you can provide feedback. Based on your feedback then you can choose to renew an agreement by buying a maintenance and hosting plan. If you want to negotiate an exchange of services or links or collaborative effort, please, I'm all ears. If you have a great idea and need help getting started, we can also talk about a free arrangement in exchange for interests in your project --often called Revenue Share. Just let me know what's on your mind.

In fact if you want to get that, simply fill out the free SEO interest form form listed above and here: Free SEO Evaluation (Only serious inquiries please).

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