Ocean Institute in Dana Point

One of the things that an online marketing job --if you can call it a job-- gives me is freedom. Going places, doing stuff and spending time with my family is one of my favorite things to do. The other day, we took off on a Thursday and decided to visit what we thought was an aquarium in Dana Point.

Turns out, it wasn't an aquarium but more of an educational center. Its official name is: Ocean Institute and it's in Dana Point, near the docks and below Chart House, a good restaurant you visit for the view more than the food.

Apparently we got lucky that we visited the Ocean Institute that day. Because it was really empty and we got an impromptu VIP tour.

If you are in Orange County or Southern California, I recommend you take a trip to this place to learn about the wild life in the ocean around this area. They have classes and tours planned for school trips and field trips, but as a member of the public, you can visit on the weekends and get access to some of the exhibits you'll see in the video.

On a side note, I should have made this video part of the Papidaddy channel, but I didn't want to miss my 90 day challenge that day so it made it into spot #7 for the 90 day video challenge. Enjoy!

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