Fuck your excuses

Pardon my french, but I think that got your attention. I needed to turn it up to 11 to get your attention about this.

Knock it off with your excuses. If you look at your life, and if you look at what you want to do with it, why aren't you doing it? You'll probably give me whatever excuse you want, and I'll tell you to stop it!

Get out and do what you want to do, go get it nobody is going to do it for you.

You will fail. I already told you that. And you will fail a hundred-fold for every time you succeed.

You have challenges. Booo freakin hoo! Challenges are part of life, suck it up. Life is a challenge in and of itself, stop your whining, complaining and excuses; if you want it, go out and fucking get it already. You think the people in these videos made excuses?

Watch these videos. Then, do it.

You think you have problems? You think you're missing something? You think life is not fair? tell him about it.

Proof that necessity is the mother of all invention. So what are you waiting for? He needed something, so he built it because it didn't' exist. And you want to complain about not having something? Please!

The Holstee Manifesto gives you a way to look at life, to live more, to do more.

Forget the snooze button again. Rise and shine. Welcome to the grind.

If your life depended on it, there would be no obstacle that you can't overcome.

This is good, Don't let people tell you you can't have something. That you can't do something.

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