You will fail. I promise this much.

Just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die.
You gotta get up and try, try, try
Gotta get up and try, try, try



Each failure is practice. And practice makes perfect.
Each failure is practice. And practice makes perfect.
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Before you go any further in your business, let me warn you. Sooner or later, you will fail. Probably sooner than later, but it's alright. A failure makes you better, stronger, smarter. That's if you get up...

Trust me. It's alright to fail, but if you want to succeed, you gotta get up and try again. This is the key to success, this is the key to life. It took me quite a while to embrace this when it came to online marketing and making money online. It's easy to say and profess this philosophy, but it's much harder to follow it, to live it, to embrace it.

Like Pink's Try from The Truth About Love, you have to get up and try. It's a simple as that. Sometimes you'll make mistakes that you can't explain. Other times you'll do everything right, but maybe you have the wrong product and nobody cares to buy.

Even worse, you may find yourself in Tyler Cruz' position of losing it all overnight! Can you imagine making 6 figures each month and then overnight, you wake up to nothing! How about that!?

And you think your failure was big? Are you devastated? What are you going to do about it? Cry about it? Whine about it? Blame the vendor? Blame the product? Blame the buyer?

What do you think Tyler did?

Before you complain that it isn't working. Before you blame the vendor for not explaining it. Before you accuse your audience of not getting it. Own your failure, learn and pivot. Get up and try again. Then, rinse and repeat. The faster you fail, the faster you can correct that mistake and eliminate the problem from your process or your system.

Remember that in business, like in life, nobody owes you anything by default, you don't deserve it if you don't want it. It's up to you, your perseverance, your system, your efforts and that will be the case from here on now. Ever since I came out openly as a marketer and started sharing some of the success I've had people have been telling me things. They tell me that it doesn't work, or they make excuses why the thing they did didn't work and how this isn't for them.

All these people always fail to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe they didn't do something right and they gave up too easily, too soon. They fail to acknowledge that maybe they didn't get it. That maybe they didn't follow instructions. It's always someone else that takes their blame. This makes them feel better about failing and not trying again, because it is easier to blame something else instead of owning the failure, studying it and trying again with a pivotal approach.

This is what separates the dabblers from the success stories. Get up and try again, and again, fix your approach, fix your system, get a mentor, ask questions, maybe get something like this. You don't need to go at it alone. But you must get up and do.

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