We understand this is new and may take some adjustment, but this is our GDPR disclosure. We extend this in good faith, please contact if there are any issues or questions with this.
What data do you collect (right to be informed)?
This blog collects your name and email address ONLY when you opt-in to any of the forms that request your information.
On occasion other forms may be used to collect additional information pertinent to surveys or polls, all of the information is submitted voluntarily on an opt-in basis.

Your name, email and any other information you provide through a survey form, a poll is not ever shared with anybody else. The data collected is used to communicate with you, and to understand our audience better.

This website also uses 3rd party applications like Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and other third-party apps using cookies and these may track additional information. You may opt out of that by turning off cookies, terminating your visit to this website, or changing the settings with your profiles in those companies.
What information do you have of mine (right to access )?
At the bottom of any email you receive from this website or any of our properties, you have a link or multiple links to update your preferences. This link or these links show you the basic information we have associated with that email address.
You may also update the email address or any of the information displayed at that time. You may also opt out altogether by using said links.
We may have additional information about an email address such as time and date when it was first added to our database, whether we registered a specific email having been opened, and or other information usually known as metadata, we consider this to be in excess of what is normally provided and available as standard business practice.
To request a copy of all information in excess of what is provided through the link at the bottom of the emails, please complete this form.
The email addresses must match for us to release information and a processing fee of $15.00 must be paid in advance, you will receive the information if any exists within 30 days, in the case that no information is found, a report will also be provided indicating so, the $15.00 fee is non-refundable whether the information exists or not, it's a basic administrative form to manually review all possible records pertaining to that email address.
Can I delete my information (right of erasure)?
Yes, we can, use the same form you can use to request a copy of your information, but select "delete all information." The email address requesting the erasure must match the email address that is being deleted.
An email with confirmation to verify the request will be sent to the email address. Upon confirmation, we will delete all data associated with that email address. We will send one final email to the email address in question to notify that the data deletion request has been completed.
We cannot delete non-personally identifiable data collected by third parties or apps such as Google Analytics, FB Tracking pixel, Twitter Analytics, and other similar services for the purpose of traffic and website navigation analysis, it is outside of our ability.
To prevent future tracking of web browsing activities, we suggest not visiting websites that use cookies or turning cookies off in your browser. Be advised that your experience in many websites including this one may be adversely affected when cookies are turned off.