Get your Empire Avenue Badges


Picture depicting a ticker board in the NYSE

If you're having problems getting the new Empire Avenue Badge working on your website, please note that the code that the folks at EAV provided is working but the software in between you and them somehow mangled a few pieces of it. You basically just need to fix all the magic quotes to regular quotes. Look for any double or single quotes in the code they gave us and replace them with straight quotes.

Below is the code already fixed to make things a little easier for you. You should be able to copy and paste this without any problems just replace "TICKER" with your ticker and change the first 2 you find to a 1 if you want the smaller badge.

You should be able to see mine on the sidebar.

photo by th.omas

And even show off those you've invested in like this: ((Just don't do too many because it will significantly slow down the load time on your page.))


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