Gmail is Missing Google Plus Feature to Attach Photos

You know what would give us really good Google Plus integration? If Google plus tied into your Gmail when you want to attach a picture. Imagine when you want to send an e-mail from your Gmail account with a picture from your Google+ account. You simply click on "attach file", and then browse to the pictures that have been uploaded to Google plus.

This in effect means that you can take pictures with your phone, let the settings automatically post to your Google plus profile, and then have those pictures immediately available for Gmail to send to other parties that are not Google plus. Or just because you want to send them as attachments.

This would be so useful for realtors, architects, even photographers scouting out a new location.


  1. Binish Kuruvilla
    Binish Kuruvilla

    i google’d  “how to attach google + photos to gmail” and found your post 🙂 

  2. Need to start a campaign on this!

    Just had to download some pics, attach them manually and send them off when it would have been fantastic to attach direct. Would be a killer feature for G+

    • Yes, it’s easy now but it would be so cool to be able to attach the photos from within Gmail. And if this worked in mobile then that would be awesome too. It seems like it would be a no brainer. Also use or attach the photos to a Google Doc. 

  3. This is a feature I’ve been looking for! Another feature that would also be awesome is to allow mobile uploaded videos to directly be added to Youtube accounts. We need more integration between Google products!

  4. It’s frustrating for me because I work with state agencies and their internet filter blocks all social networking sites and off network email…which makes sending pictures from google plus to them a hassle. Google desperately needs to add this feature, but probably won’t because they are only interested in plugging their google plus platform.

    • @Josh – have you tried – although it won’t solve *this* problem. It may help you with some of the other filters so you can still do a few things on social networks, even without visiting them.

  5. Frank Rodriguez
    Frank Rodriguez

    The same happened to me. I was trying to attach some of my google+ pics and I had to download them and them upload them to gmail,.

    I do think they should add this to gmail.

    • I think it’s coming if it isn’t already there. They just announced the ability to link directly to Google drive files. Haven’t tried it yet but maybe it is just one more step to connect to google+

  6. It would not be a killer feature – it would be a perfectly normal and expected feature. It is apsolutely stupid to have online photo on the same service as web mail and not being able to attach photo without downloading localy.

    • I agree. But I think they’re getting closer. Now you can link and attach files from your Google Drive. I’m sure eventually if not already you’ll be able to attach files from your google Plus account like photos and video.

  7. Still missing…
    Thanks for your technology watch !

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