What is Inbound Marketing? [video]

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is a new buzz word being thrown around a lot lately. However, it actually is a new thing that has happened in recent years. Inbound Marketing refers to the way of marketing a product or service where people come to you on their own accord to seek out interesting or valuable information. In contrast to traditional marketing, this isn't "pushy" or salesy. I made a little vlog about it so check it out.


  1. One of the things that I love most about inbound marketing is that it’s value-added content that is domain related, but not necessarily product related. So you write a little ebook on stretching, even if you sell running shoes. People get value from you and your content – and therefore will come to you.

  2. Great tips

  3. Very true Chris! Your site is a great example of that.
    – Thank you Terri.

  4. Great idea !! Like this !!!

  5. I’m much more comfortable with inbound marketing having done both and this was very well put and a good explanation. Thanks Oscar. By the way, I wonder how the popups that Chris hates so much fit with the typical inbound marketing philosophy. Maybe they’re a little too outbound?

  6. Hi Oscar,

    Love the presentation and the concept. Thanks. Informative as always.

    • Ruchi! I’m glad. The idea is simple but most marketing people still don’t get it and simply want to broadcast and push, push, push without understanding the efficacy or lack thereof on that method. A good balance between outbound and inbound is necessary.

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