Godaddy is the world's biggest --and in my opinion, best Registrar. I have over 90 domains with them now and unless they don't sell a TLD like .cx, or .it, I always use them. Once you have an account, setting up new domains takes only a couple of clicks.

One thing I don't like too much is all the upselling; when you're buying a domain, you have to be careful not to buy extra stuff. But that is only a problem because I'm experienced with the process and I don't usually need a Store Builder, or a Traffic Blazer product. But if you're only buying one or two domains to start your website, some of the products maybe make sense to you.

I would personally stay away from Godaddy when it comes to wordpress shared web hosting. Based on personal experience, their service isn't all that great.

I know a couple of clients that use the Godaddy website builder software and they're happy with it, they just have a 3-5 page website with a basic contact form and phone number.

Prices are good and generally I pay around $35.00 for a domain. This includes two years Registration and Private registration services also for two years. Yes there are many places that will give you a domain for free, or will sell it to you for $5.00 or some ridiculous prices. But you have to take into account the features you get with the Registrar. I've heard tons of stories, and I have my own to share about working with bad Registrars.

Godaddy also offers hosting which I've never used. I recently had a chance to work on a couple of Godaddy shared accounts and they certainly leave a lot to be desired. Coming from Linux based hosting, their offerings just aren't up to par. I have used their dedicated server hosting and that was great. I had full access to my own physical machine for about $90 bucks, but that was a while ago. I'm not sure what their pricing is for dedicated servers.

But trust me, Godaddy is good and I highly recommend them.  One of my favorite Godaddy features is the Total DNS control, their DNS management console is great and allows you to manage all kinds of DNS records, or to hand it off to your hosting provider, for example Dreamhost. Another thing I really like about Godaddy is their customer support, It is awesome, world class. They have a good system to keep track of your account so you don't waste time getting into it when you call, and the people that answer the phone --all the time, are knowledgeable and friendly.


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