Switchpod Unboxing + Discount Code

During our last Dot Com Lunch meetup, I was greeted with a nice surprise. Yes, of course we had wonderful guests joining us, like Kenzie Kawamura from Penny Cryptos to the Moon, and Bekie Dunmire from Seduce your market; their interviews are in the video as well!

But I had forgotten about this cool gadget I ordered over a year ago. The Switchpod. Check it out in the video, I did a quick impromptu unboxing.

Switchpod Tripod Unboxing & Discount Code

I also have a discount code or coupon code that will save you $10.00 as long as you order yours before the end of 2019.

Get the Switchpod here:

The discount code, or coupon, whatever you want to call is good for $10.00 off, and good until the end of 2019. This would make a great gift for your favorite vlogger! Let me know in the comments if it worked for you.
Code: Maketheswitch

Don't want to buy one? Win a Switchpod!

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