High Brew Coffee Cold Brew Delicious Pick-me-up

Three flavors, 60 calories each. Chill before drinking or pour over ice.
Three flavors, 60 calories each. Chill before drinking or pour over ice.

So I ran out of my supply of coffee at home recently so I decided to make a trip to the store and pick up some more. But I was feeling adventurous so I bought something new on the shelves.

The little cans caught my attention with the colorful design and simple presentation. This was a total impulse buy based on their design. Proof that good design and presentation generates conversions right!?

The coffee is relatively new, made by High Brew Coffee, see them at highbrew.com and it's made in Austin Texas. Their tagline is:

Not All Coffees are Created Equal

They only had three flavors where I went: Mexican vanilla, salted caramel and dark chocolate mocha. But their website shows that they have a few more.

For 8 ounces of the tasty coffee, I felt the $2.50 price was a little steep but it was really good so I can't complain. I probably would only buy them again if they were on sale.

Besides the design of the can, the other thing that caught my attention was the 60 calories label. Even for 8 ounces, that is low compared to other similar drinks. The way they achieved this is by using stevia alongside cane sugar.

Once I got home I noticed a few more things to add as brownie points to High Brew coffee. I already mentioned they're made here in USA, in Austin to be exact. Another other good point is that they use only Fair Trade Certified Coffee and they are partnered with Coffee Kids.

And last but not least, the story behind the company is cool. Two entrepreneurs that decided to sail the world after running another company for 13 years. But they just couldn't stay away from the grind of entrepreneurship. So they started High Brew Coffee.

All in all, I'm glad I picked these up and I'd recommend them to you if you want to try a low calorie, sweet coffee drink to pick you up anytime of day.

I've only tried the Salted caramel flavor (as of the time of this writing). It really tasted like a freshly made salted caramel drink you would order at your local coffee shop, but I liked that it wasn't too sweet. It was just perfect. I'm pretty sure the other two that are waiting in my fridge will be just as good.

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