Capital Noodle Bar in Irvine.


I have another food spot to share with you. I really like it, I've been there twice and I plan on going more often. We may even do some Dot Com Lunch events there too.

The place is called Capital Noodle Bar (Yelp) and it's part of the Capital Seafood Group. I was introduced to this years ago by my wife when I first tried dim sum. You can find it at The Crossroads in Irvine, where La Salsa used to be (I think).

Capital Noodle Bar is a fast casual Asian fusion restaurant. Prices range from $4.95 on the appetizers to about $13.00 for the file mignon cubes dish. I heard that is amazing, by the way.

When I first went I tried the Hainan Chicken and it was really good. Can't really compare it to the Hainan Chicken from Belacan Grill, but it was really good anyway. My wife ordered the Assorted Seafood Noodles $10.95 and by all accounts it was delicious.

On the second time around, I went with John and ordered something besides noodles... again. You would think that I would try a noodle dish since the place is called Capital Noodle Bar, right? Well, no.

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I felt like chicken so I ordered the Lemongrass Roasted Chicken, $11.95.  And I loved it. It was crispy but not overcooked and came with pickled vegetables, rice and a fried egg to top the rice. John went for the Canton Style Roast Duck $10.95 and he said it was great.

Claire was with me so I shared some of my rice with her and ordered the Grilled Beef Skewers $5.95. The meat was packed with flavor and it was so tender it felt like it was melting in your mouth. They were perfectI would go back just to order a whole plate of those.

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