Home Cold Remedy

Ever since I discovered this remedy I have used it any chance I get. Thankfully it is not very often that I get sick but as you can tell sometime around March last year I came down with a little bit of a cold. So I took a few minutes to show you the best remedy have ever come across. It's simple and easy and it tastes pretty good.

When you come down with a cold give this remedy a try it works and most likely you can make this at home with ingredients you already have. two it two or three times a day and in a day or two you feel all better.


  1. Madeline Laughs
    Madeline Laughs

    The honey opens your sinuses and works as a natural antiseptic like the lime juice does. It probably kills a lot of those cold germs on it’s way down and the warmth feels good on the throat. I’m going to post this in my cooking group 🙂

  2. How does that taste? But for sure something I could maybe give a try. I personally prefer just trying to get as much zinc into my body as soon as I am feeling something coming along.

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