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IM John Chow Review

IM John Chow stands for "Internet Marketing John Chow" not "I am John Chow". And it is a turn-key internet marketing course that teaches you how to start a business online and be profitable quickly, or how to make your current online business more profitable. It is a proven, tried and true system that John has been following for a while now. This is the system that allows him to make over 40,000 dollars a month (trust me, it's much more than that nowadays). Update: I made a video review for IM John Chow, you can watch that too if you want.

The program is one of the best I've seen. It is well structured and well planned. Let's take a look at some of the nitty gritty. The best thing about it is that it is a guided, step by step program on how to make money with internet marketing. In contrast to other systems I've tried or used, most systems give you everything at once. The problem with programs that give you all the content at once is that A.D.D. and shinny new object syndrome kick in and you jump from one section to another and then back and forth. Then after a month or two, you still haven't done anything. walks you day by day to complete each task.

Another thing about the program. I'm a web guy and can't help but notice these things, there are two things I noticed from a technical point of view. One is good and one is not so good. First the not so good... The design and layout wont' get John any design awards, the menus aren't "perfect" for example. I just had to point out for example that I personally hate when a menu item folds into two lines... but that's just me. But overall the design and layout aren't bad, and ultimately they give you the information you need in just a click or two (that's a plus).

Lessons are easy to follow and keep you on track
Lessons are easy to follow and keep you on track

In the other hand, the good thing. I was very impressed with and it will help when you start going through the lessons, it's the video portion of the lessons. The lessons have a video presentation that will show you all the material for the lessons, but each lesson is broken down into chapters and it's very easy to see what chapter you're in and where you are in the overall program. I thought this was really great and useful so you can really focus on the task and lesson at hand.

All in all, I highly recommend you check out this course. It's peanuts when you think about the amount of information and more importantly, the source of the information you're getting. For $47 bucks you get all the secrets, step by step guidance, videos, presentations, homework lessons and additional resources.  If you want to just check it out, let John tell you more about it, just visit the program right here.

I M John Chow

If you want to know more about what I really think about the whole thing, then read on.

About the lessons

Each day you get a new lesson, and each lesson builds upon the previous one so it is easy to follow. Another thing you'll notice right away is that besides the daily lessons for the 90 day program, you have access to additional resources to compliment the lessons and expand your knowledge.

Each of the lessons has a video explaining what the lesson is about and it is followed by a task or series of tasks that are actionable and will keep you on track. Easy to follow and explained completely so there is nothing else you need but to follow the step by step guided instructions.

Here are a couple of examples that you might find interesting and I also explain a few of the sections. I don't think I can give too much of it away without getting in trouble so I'll just pick two days and summarize them for you.

Day 1 Welcome to IM John Chow

You are introduced to the course, the expectations are set and you have a great idea of what you'll be doing for the remainder of the course. You'll be walked through "The Secret" and the biggest mistakes to avoid when getting started. Then you are shown some of the results that John has achieved with these methods. But this section isn't all about what you're getting, this lesson also explains the type of commitment you need to succeed. If you don't have the commitment to stick to the program, you will fail. If you fall into this category, my advice is to stop reading this review and just move along. You MUST have the commitment to follow through, because as John (and any real business owner) will explain, you can't get rich overnight.

Why doesn't John worry about any SEO updates by Google? He'll tell you why. No matter what Google does, John remains unaffected. In fact (this little tidbit is not in the program),  a few years ago John was removed from Google altogether, but his income and traffic increased instead of declining. Can your website do that? You too would be able to survive any Google update if you follow this method.

In day one, you'll also hear of how John has made tons of mistakes over the past 13 years in order to fine-tune his system. Then he teaches you what works. Forget the "gurus" out there, follow the ones that actually achieve the goals set forth. This is why John's system is the system you need. He's done this, time and time again and he is teaching you how to do it yourself.

Day 4. Researching your Niche

Day four is a really interesting day because I've personally always struggled with this. I am able to do this stuff for other people because I'm detached from their products. I get paid to do the reviews and analysis. But when it comes down to my stuff, my emotions and ego get in the way sometimes, so it was good to learn about this from a student's seat.  It's titled "Researching Your Niche" On previous lessons, you picked a niche and learned how your're going to apply the four step formula. But Day 4 is all about researching the quality and type of niche you've selected. This isn't an easy thing to do when you do it by yourself so I'm glad this section is in there. You'll learn about examining your competition and where to find your competition.

Every week I get people pitching me ideas to help them with their website. they tell me how awesome their idea is and how "nobody's" doing it. But then it turns out that they've never done any competitive analysis. This lessons teaches you how to do the competitive analysis so you can set your expectations accordingly and modify your approach so you can succeed.

Additional days that are extremely valuable are days like: Picking your niche, Picking the name for your domain, Setting up an autoresponder and other questions that people always struggle with. These lessons remove the technical problems and walk you step by step on how to get them done so you can move onto the next lesson and begin making money.

Now onto the extra features and information.

The value on the extra information is in the thousands of dollars. If you were to find lessons for all this stuff somewhere else, or hire a teacher, or even join a mastermind group (with proven results) you'd pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars. How do I know? LOL because if you come to me to learn some of those things, I charge you anywhere from 100 to 140 dollars /hour. So trust me when I say that the information in there is absolutely worth its weight on gold. In fact I am a little ticked at John for including so much information for such a low price. If enough people were to look at that stuff, I could actually lose part of my client base. Why would anyone continue to pay me 100/hour when they can get just as good information (on some topics, not all --thankfully!) for $47?

Additional Knowledge Bank Includes WordPress Tutorials
Additional Knowledge Bank Includes WordPress Tutorials

Overview on the Extra Features

Here are the main sections of the program and a quick summary of what to expect on each one.
Daily Action Plan. Each day you get a 5 - 10 minute video packed with information, followed with an actionable homework that should take 30 - 60 minutes to complete on a daily basis.
Success Secret System. A ton of information to enhance the lessons and your experience with the whole program. Absolutely great amount of information to help you if you finish your lesson of the day quickly or you're ready to take it all to the next level.
Knowledge Bank. The knowledge bank has tons of information about building your website, managing your website and working with WordPress. Basics about SEO are also covered as well as a reinforcement of the 4 step formula.
Facebook Empire. The Facebook empire section is awesome too. Social media is a big component of today's interenet marketing systems and John's site explains how to get traffic and leads from Facebook, and also how to use their ads system. Other "Facebook Gurus" sell you just this information for a couple hundred dollars.
Support. The system wouldn't be complete without support. If at any point in time you need assistance, there is a clear way for you to obtain support to get your issue resolved. So far I have not had any issues with the program... but if you did, John and his team is there to help you.

Facebook Module helps you leverage Social Media too
Facebook Module helps you leverage Social Media too

How to build a list and setup autoresponders
How to build a list and setup autoresponders

Overall thoughts and closing comments.

While this is simple to follow and to apply, you must be wondering. If it works so well, why is he virtually giving it away? I asked him that question one day a while back. Why do you give away all your tips and tricks and methods? And he said, most of the people simply won't do anything about it. They will make excuses and have ridiculous expectations, like making a 1000 dollars in their 2nd day. But only a few will follow through, so he isn't concerned with competition I also know personally, that the internet is so big, that there is room for everyone. Trust me, this system works. Check it out and stop making excuses.

If you want to check out IM John Chow, visit it here. Stick to it and you'll make money.

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