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One of my goals with is to increase traffic and exposure every month. That's a great goal for everyone with a website to follow but it in itself is a little bit vague. If you just say, I want to increase traffic to my website, while it is a worthwhile challenge, it isn't very specific. I decided during the first week of January, as I was working on the redesign of my website and re-aligment of content that I would strive to increase the number of visitors each week, compared to the previous week. So far, with only a few days left in January, I'd say my goal has been accomplished for month #1. 4 weeks of positive growth.

Check out the stats. They're nothing to write home about. As I mentioned before, I really neglected my own personal websites in lieu of working on other social networks. And so I'm reversing some of that. All the changes to Facebook, Instagram and other social networks really irk me. I can't imagine the pain that is going to be when when we all have a mass exodus from Facebook. See... if you have your own website, you never have to worry about stuff like that.

Increase Traffic Stats
More traffic than previous week each week. Going for the same on week 5.

You have your posts and they're always there, Or not. You decide, and you're in control of your content. Go ahead and share your content on all the networks you'd like, but always have it come back around to a web property that you own. That's a great golden tip you need to learn early. Many websites will go out of business in just a year or two after opening their doors and attracting your limited attention span. Then you have all this content out on limbo and the next night, the company closes door and there goes all your content as well!

So in increasing my traffic, I'm focusing on sharing more info here on my own website and also on the other websites I own. For example, You'll see a lot more youtube videos on the Videos section because I'm going to share with you anytime I appear in a video. Whether it is mine or someone else's which tends to happen quite a bit.

I am also trying to the Live Blogging thing. Frankly I'm doing it differently than you've seen before because I'm live blogging an entire week at a time. Why a week and not a daily thing? I'm not sure. I think this is a big step and commitment for me so to commit to posting "live" activity to a weekly log, I think that's a good start. If you ever want to follow the live blogging, just go to my main page and look for Live Blogging. The weekly live blog should be there, but there will also be other live blogged events that I get to attend or feel like commenting on.

By the way, if you haven't signed up for my newsletter and email, i recommend you do. I'm starting to send some really good emails and a 30 day path to a kick-ass business website program. This is only available here, through me, via email and you need to sign up at to get the emails. Trust me, I've got some great information to share with you and early access to giveaways, discounted programs and private coaching systems I'm building.

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