Introducing you to our garden.

The main plant you see here is one of  our lettuces.  At first it seemed like it was not going to make it.  Over a couple weeks it recovered and proved our assumptions wrong.


The next plant is a melon plant and as you can see, it is starting to bloom. I wasn't sure if it would grow at all because we planted it late. I think you are supposed to plant melons just after the  last "frost", but we dont have those in Orange County. Nevertheless these should f have been planted in April or May, not early July. Hopefully we will have some melons by mid September.


Next up you can see green beans. We were also late in planting those.  But they sprouted quickly annd grew pretty fast too. They started blooming in the past couple of weeks so we also expect them to bear fruit around September.


In order to prep the soil, I broke it down with a pickaxe about two feet deep. Then mixed in some fresh organic soil and compost to enrich it. Before doing this, it was pretty poor and just hard clay.

Moving forward, we will be nourishing the ground with a combination of homemade compost and worm castings. We have a three "apartment" worm compost system. That's pretty cool too! I'll have to show you videos and pictures of the worm system too.

I am currently in mid flight to Philadelphia, bored so I figured I would let you into one of my  passions, gardening. More to come. Something else cool about this post is that I wrote it, edited it and published it all from my phone.

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