How to delete a Facebook Page

Easy peasy tutorial today. Over time, I accumulated a lot of pages on Facebook. Some were mine, and other pages I just administer. So it was time to clean up. First I removed myself as an admin from those pages that I no longer work with.

The next step was easier than I thought, I just had to delete dead pages or pages that never took off. A few weeks back I tried to just do it but I missed the option where I could do this and just kept putting it off. But it is actually super simple to delete a Facebook page.

Do it with caution. In coupled cases Facebook asked me for my password to confirm I wanted to delete that page; other cases the page was simply deleted it once I clicked on the confirmation button.


  1. Hi Oscar,

    Came a hunt’n for your list-of-words-to-blacklist-in-your-wordpress-site.
    When one clicks on the link for the list it drops you back at the post.

    Appreciate if you get a mo if you could shoot me a copy via email for the heads up luv :¬]

    Cheers my friend!

    ~ James

  2. James, I fixed the link. Head back to the post at and you’ll be able to download the file.

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