Iron Mans Suit Defies Physics — Mostly

The movie is well done, the story line is believable and you actually end up liking the whole story. I wish it would have been longer but oh well.

I went out to see IronMan last night. It blew me away, you should definitely watch it in a theatre that offers good quality sound, DTS is awesome. The movie is well done, the story line is believable and you actually end up liking the whole story. I wish it would have been longer but oh well. I would even say that I like this movie better than Transformers. Of course the stories are way different, but they both have great fighting scenes and excellent animation. I can't wait for the next chapter of the Iron Man franchise. My buddy David tells me that the main actors had to agree to a 3 movie deal.

It is just enough to leave you wanting more. Oh yeah and when you go see it, you should stick around until after the credits.

I also found this story (below), which is the stuff us nerds care about. The article points out two facts; the suit is not that far fetched; but until we have a new way of harnessing the energy needed to power a device like that, the suit will remain the stuff of comic books. It is simply impossible (today) to have the required energy in a practical format that could be used for such applications.

Tony Starks amazing suit is a long way from realization, mostly due to practical energy constraints.

As a comic book fan and physics professor, I am looking forward to the big screen debut of Iron Man. This is due, in part, to the fact that instead of getting belted with gamma rays or being born a demon from hell, industrialist and scientist Tony Stark got his super powers by means of his engineering genius.

But just how realistic is Starks amazing suit?

Sadly, nearly all of the features of the Iron Man suit, with one important exception, are not likely to be realized anytime soon. Lets look at each of the suits major elements in turn.

Iron Mans Suit Defies Physics -- Mostly



  1. Whatup!!!

    I really liked the movie too. I also thought it was too short. Apparently the movie was supposed to be longer, however, either Marvel or some other third party decided it was too long and cut it down. I really could have gone for another hour of the movie but oh well… They spent too much time on Tony’s backstory, and too much time building the first ironman suit. Anyways, it was still a bad ass movie. I was cracking up at the testing scenes, they did a great job adding a bit of comedy to the movie. I’ll def pick it up on DVD when it comes out…

    Oh and I heard this morning on the radio that Ironman 2 will be in theaters April of 2010… that’s a long time to wait. = (


  2. What up Chava!
    Yeah awesome movie and you hit it right on the nail, there was “too much” time on Tony’s backstory, but only relative to the rest of the movie. I would have definitely liked more test scenes, a little more eye-candy computer stuff and a few more kick-terrorists-asses scenes. But all in all I really don’t have any complains.
    I thought the testing scenes were great too, the test scenes. “Uhm, yeah, I can fly” haha. Well, the 2010 deadline doesn’t surprise me, they always hook us like that… but we have June 09 to look forward for the next Transformers.

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