It’s True. MailChimp Does Not Allow Many Links

So in passing conversation, at a meetup, John turns over to me and says, you know, Oscar. MailChimp doesn't allow affiliate links. (jaw-drop)

For all this time, I've been telling everyone, yeah, go ahead, get MailChimp. Build your list, send them emails! Ya! Sell them stuff. And then John tells me this. I'm like STFU. No way that Mailchimp doesn't allow affiliate links. So I tweet it out and I wasn't the only one surprised. Go figure.

This morning I went to check to make sure it was true. And it is, no affiliate links allowed in MailChimp and if you use it like that you'll likely be banned and locked out of your emails, data & list. Better get your butt out of there if you care about making any kind of money from your website.

So here's proof, and it's true. What sucks is that it's not just affiliate marketers that are affected, but other industries as well. I have a friend that is a kick-ass work-at-home mom blogger and even she is banned from using Mailchimp. Seriously MailChimp, that's not cool. Punish all for a few?

Well anyway, I'm moving on to the industry standard Aweber. Not sure why I took so long.

No Affiliate Links for you!
No Affiliate Links for you!

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