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Time to Stop Using the Noreply Email Account

I have always felt this way about the noreply email address. The only time you should use the noreply email account is for automated alerts about your product or service. Let me tell you why it's time to stop using the noreply email account in your email marketing campaigns.

How do you feel when someone talks down to you? Not good, right?

How do you feel if someone tells you something, and then they finish with something like "... and that's it!" or "what I said is it, and I don't care what you think"?

Pretty crummy right? Maybe you feel belittled, ignored or at the very least, you feel unappreciated.

That's precisely the type of tone you're conveying when you use a "noreply" email address in your email marketing. I would advise you to stop using that.

Using the noreply address in your marketing is going to annoy and alienate your subscribers right away. So, if you're wondering whether you should start using it now, the answer would be an emphatic NO. Aside from the use case I mentioned at the beginning of my article, you should never use a noreply email address.

Whenever I see a "do not reply" or "no reply" or similar email address from a company, my urge to unsubscribe is immediate. I usually follow through and unsubscribe, buh-bye. If you don't have time for me, I don't have time for you. Even if I may never reply, knowing that I can't is off-putting to me.

I suspect that I'm not the only one that feels this way and this practice is probably causing some tension with your subscribers. At the very least you're doing yourself a disservice because you're training your subscribers that you don't want to hear back from them.

Email is becoming crowded, even though it is still the number one communication method online, the key to earning the attention and trust from your audience as well as closing a sale comes down to the relationship.

You should stop using "noreply" addresses when you send out emails. The noreply email account is a vestige from the early days of email marketing and doesn't belong in today's social-media driven marketplace.

So here's my advice for this post, next time you start an email campaign, put your name behind it. Alternatively, put an email address that is inviting. The best emails I get are from people; I prefer to see their name in the email and their signature, even when they're representing a larger company.

An email is between YOU and your reader. While we use email marketing campaigns and systems to facilitate our communications, we can't let the ease of use and automation damage our relationships.

Be real, be personable and be yourself. Moreover, when people reply, take a few seconds to respond to them. This simple gesture can turn a prospect into a raving lifetime fan and loyal consumer.

In your business, what else is more important than customer satisfaction? Ok, ok...  after sales, what's more important than customer satisfaction?

I would venture to say that pretty much nothing.

I'm a strong advocate for Email marketing. Email is the most widely used communication method in the planet. Many people have Facebook, many people have Whatsapp or Line, Twitter and other similar accounts, but virtually everybody has email.

If you haven't added email marketing to your business, it's time to do so now, use my promo link and start with Aweber for free here. Oh, and if I didn't make it clear enough, do not use a noreply email account!

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