We're going to do it all over again!

We learned a lot from the last video challenge and we want to help you take your video content creation to the next level. If you want ot participate in the 90 day video challenge, then these are the steps to join the Facebook group and get all the details.

Step 1. Enter your full name, and your email in the form below to receive updates, the final application, and guidance for the challenge.

90 Day Video Challenge Sign Up
Make sure your first and last name match the name on your Facebook profile.

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Active means you've used it regularly for at least a few months and you posted at least a couple times in the past few days.

Step 2. Check your email and confirm your subscription to the 90 Day Challenge update alerts. Check SPAM or junk if you don't see the email right away.

Step 3. Follow the instructions that will be emailed to you.