Kern River Camping

[singlepic id=5 h=440 float=left]Recently I had a chance to camp out with my Wife and some friends; we had a blast. We went to Kern River and it was pretty damn cool. It was a short trip, we left on Friday morning and came back Sunday night. When I was younger I would go camping all the time, I've been on different types of camping trips, from hardcore-catch-your-meal-and-cook-or-starve camping to cabin camping.

This time around, the experience was at was a happy medium, although some of the girls would disagree. We made camp at Headquarters, which is one of the many campsites near the area; yes, that is the name of the camp. I think this was a nice mild camping trip because we were about 25-40 minutes from civilization, and we had running water available, but no showers and only one pseudo-toilet per 6-8 campsites. Each campsite had 8-14 people, so you can imagine the consternation of some of the girls when they had to use the crappy toilet, no pun intended.

We spent most of our time fishing, drinking, eating or hanging out. On Sunday morning, after we cleaned up camp and packed up, we stayed behind with my brother in law, his girlfriend and another friend and we went fishing one more time. We went into town around 10:00 am, got some coffee, said goodbye to the rest of the party, and went back up the road past the dam at Lake Isabella to find another spot to do some fishing. Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything, but it was fun nonetheless.

This was by far the most fun camping trip I've been on, Thank you Bryan & Ashli for setting it up. The food we had was awesome, the menu was well planned and executed. Burgers, hot dogs, & chicken were available pretty much each meal, breakfast was served with eggs, bacon, sausage links, toast, and tortillas. Seriously who thought camping would taste this good?

On Saturday night we had a nice treat and one of our buddies prepared some catfish, the catch of the day, and that was delicious too; he went all out and even made breadcrumbs from toast and toasted burger buns to batter and fry the fish. Thank you! So I leave you with a bunch of photos from the trip, and a short tip of advice. Next time you go camping, make sure you have food that people will like. From past camping experiences, trust me, the food makes all the difference.

More photos in Flickr.

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