Motormood Launches With a Bang


A while ago I showed you a new startup called Motormood, I met them at the Eurekafest 2015 event and I thought they had an interesting concept.

Recently they held their launch party at ROC and I was invited along with about 100 other people. The food was great and drinks were themed to match the three colors they are launching with.

Motormood plans on making the roads a happier place by giving all vehicles a way to say thanks to other drivers.

How do they plan on doing this? With a little device that flashes a smiley face after you cut someone off. You can now drive like a maniac and keep people from giving you the finger or going on full road rage mode by just flashing them a smiley face.

Kinda like when you chat with someone and you say something that they're not going to like... All you need to do is add an emoticon right? 🙂

But seriously, I think it's a fun project and the product is good. Motormood's launch party focused on their Kickstarter campaign which is live and so far has attracted over $50,000 in funds. That's just over one third of their total $130,500 goal.

I rarely back Kickstarter projects but I pledged some cash for this one because I know the team and I think the cause is noble. The jury is still out on whether they'll achieve their goal, but with 27 days to go they have a pretty good chance. Will you help?

Check out their pitch video and see what you think

Motormood on Kickstarter

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