Move to the Cloud? The two Decisions that Matter

I found this excellent article about "moving to the cloud." If you've ever considered moving, or are in the decision making process right now, this is a great article that highlights a few key points. Budget, time and needs. Do you really need all that proprietary software in-house?

The software you pay thousands and thousands of dollars a year per employee just because "that's how you've always done it" may not be necessary for you. IN fact, like the author, I've moved many processes and organizations to the cloud and it always turns out to be easier and better than everyone expected. Read on...

To be realistic, we assumed that a minimal amount of customization would be needed to integrate applications and make minor adaptations. We asked our department heads to select these SaaS applications — we didn’t ask IT.  Obviously, IT was a valuable partner in the decision-making process, but we let department VPs make the final call because they owned those processes.

via Move to the cloud? The two decisions that matter — Tech News and Analysis.

Found this from my buddy Louie Baur on Twitter:

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