With Sam McBride (aka Sammytown)

Recently I had a chance to teach a punk rock icon Sam McBride some tricks and tips about Twitter. He will be starting on his own reality TV show soon, so his team and him decided that it was time to learn a little bit about Twitter and how to use it.

Sam aka Sammytown started the punk rock band Fang in the early 80s but a series if events led to the band's break up. You can read all about it on Wikipedia if you want details.

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Sam is a pretty cool guy. At first I was a little bit nervous. I can't deny it, reading about his past certainly makes you a bit nervous if you're going to meet him and don't know much more than what you read online. But the doubts and uncertainty was washed away as soon as I met him. He's a down to earth dude and actually pretty pleasant to be around. So go and check out his Twitter account and friend him or follow him. Some great things should be coming out of his new venture.


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  1. What a phony. He was all happy about corporate bands covering Fang songs, then he saw his friends from Rancid getting popular. He’s still looking for a way to cash in and make those six years he did pay off.

    He appears to be following a script in the Sammytown clip. His emotions are forced.

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