Floored A Review and Thoughts

flooredposter-movieAll in all, I thought this was one of the good documentaries in Netflix. As I am learning everything I can about money, this movie naturally made it into my queue. Finally got to watch it - You can see my live comments as I watched the movie below where it says "live blogging."

Much like Queen of Versailles does, this movie illustrates how easy it can be to be on top and just as easily tumble down to the bottom overnight. The documentary covers the life and rise of floor traders in Chicago. Before computers were around, these guys were the shiznit! They earned and lost millions of dollars in seconds. One day you're up, the next you're down.

The documentary itself is well made, with a decent production value. Sound quality is good and the story is well narrated. The casting was really great too, you get to see those people that are on top and were able to see the changes coming and either quit the "game" or adjusted, and you also get to see those that were too arrogant to accept that change was underway.

Nowadays most of the trading happens via the internet, there are no more floor traders. Well, maybe a few but they're going away fast. Most commodities and markets transact over the internet nowadays and so this will be the way all trading is done in the very near future.

If you're up for it, watch this documentary. It's good, it will show you to be humble even when you're winning or when you're up and to save for a rainy day. The changes that the computer industry and era brought to this industry were devastating to some people. Always be on the look-out for something that could eliminate your value. Keep hungry and learn more every time. With that, head over to netflix to watch it if you're into this kind of thing.

[box type="alert"]What!? You don't have Netflix? Check out their 30 day free trial. You can watch at least this documentary and a bunch of others for free then decide if you want to keep it. I love my netflix account. Don't know what I would do without it![/box]

Live Blogging Floored, a documentary about the trading floors in Chicago.

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