Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize, my couple of thoughts.

I read this morning, its on twitter and everywhere else. Woohoo, our President was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But really? Does he deserve it? I admire the guy, for the most part and as far as my limited knowledge of politics and world diplomacy goes, he's doing great things.

I couldn't help but wonder though, how some of the other laureates are feeling about this. For all intents and purposes Obama is pretty new to the whole leadership role and the efforts put forward by him, and undoubtedly by his huge entourage of advisors and support team is by definition brand new. It is good in theory and excellent in purpose but it isn't time proven.

Is giving him this high honor basically undermining other laureates' work? Some have worked for decades at their cause. I'm talking about the Carters, the Yunus, the Mandelas and Manchus of the world.

No doubt, this is inspiring and brings hope for a better world, but I can't get this thought out of my head... really? so early? and honestly... for what? I would have probably never questioned this if the award came to him in 3 more years or even during a second term, after many more efforts to bring nations closer together and working out peaceful resolutions.

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