Open for Comments


After a few months of being online, I have finally opened up the ability to leave comments on this site. You don't even have to register, simply go to an article and at the bottom you'll see the form to leave a comment. You must fill out your name and an e-mail address though, as well as verify that you are a real person by entering the verification code.

I encourage you to give me feedback on any of the posts you've read or liked. I particularly would love to hear if any of my techniques or how tos have been useful. No "first" or "nice post" or similarly useless comments please. If you don't have feedback, but you have a question about something I wrote, feel free to ask about that as well. I would love it if you paid attention to these articles:

  • Getting started with Blogging
  • Writing your first blogposts
  • What defines a Blog today?

You could also give me feedback on any of these archives, or the general look and feel of the site. For Webmasters and Bloggers, if you leave your website in your comment, I will check out your site and I usually will comment back.

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