New Foldable Thinkpad Laptop from Lenovo.

Over the past couple of years, Apple has been very disappointing as far as laptops go.

They seem to not care about the MacBook Pro users and feels like every time there's a new version, it is weaker than the competition and overall it's just lackluster. Not to mention buggy.

The iPad line is getting all the Apple love. The other day someone showed me how they edit 4K video with amazing results, using only an iPad pro.

Do we even need MacBook Pros anymore? I think so. Or rather, I think we still need laptops.

But the experience with Apple lately has been bad enough that I've considered switching away from OSX lately.

It's not just the bad hardware, but also Apple's behavior in censoring free speech, litigating against users trying to fix their hardware or monopolizing their app store. Every little grain adds up and this load of crap is getting heavier each day.

Now that I look back, I've been a Mac user now for 10+ years!

Foldable PC by Lenovo

But I see no innovation from Apple anymore. But this video made me imagine new things, this is innovation. This makes computing exciting again.

There's the foldable devices by Samsung and Huawei, or that Nubia smart phone, or watch, or whatever it is. But what about bigger sized foldable devices.

Chaim from The Verge gave us this tease for a new foldable laptop, by Lenovo.

And yeah, this foldable Thinkpad device it isn't perfect and it's just a prototype but my vision of what the future will be like is hyped-up. I want a foldable computer. Don't you!?

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