Who is this Oscar González?

Oscar González is a guy living in Orange County, California. He spends his time developing technology solutions for medium to large sized companies as well as small start ups.

Notagrouch.com is his personal blog and playground. You can also find him at Oscarstech.com, on Twitter, on Google +, Facebook of course, and many other networks. He's like a mad scientist with a million projects brewing and occasionally, he comes out and blogs about stuff at notagrouch.com or his business blog.

I don't know why I just wrote that last bit from a 3rd person point of view, it's me, writing. Oscar, I am the writer of this blog and a few others elsewhere. I have been interested in computers since I can remember and I love the Internet, everything about it. I have been playing on the webs since I was 11 - 13 and I've been getting paid to do it since I was 19. Technology, Science, the Internet and the people that power all three are my passion.