I ask a lot of questions. Here's a running list of questions I've managed to capture and actually write down so I can come back to them later. There is also the category of questions that will show you any post that fits the bill.

Looking for answers:


  • What's the difference between a CSS import and a CSS link?
  • Whats the difference between id and class, in CSS?
  • Whats the difference between i.e. and e.g. and when should I use each? Answer

General Ponderings

  • What is a necropolis?
  • How can you classify anything and everything with one master-catalog of some sorts?
  • How can you find anything based on a classification process? (reverse engineer the process and you should be able to find anything right?)
  • How do they measure inflation? Like when they say "we had 5.9% inflation this year"
  • Is it Nurture or Nature? when it comes to raising kids
  • Why do people have "clown phobia"?
  • How are plastic bills made?
  • Mexico has bills that are made partially of paper/cotton and part plastic, or a special polymer. I think other countries use this as well.

Website stuff

  • How do you get those spiffy looking icon ads on your website? Answer
  • More importantly, do you make any money with them?
  • Can a *good* website be a blog about *anything.* Is there a topic that will simply not make it in a blog environment?


  • Why do we (society, as a collective) believe in a Deity when we have no proof of it whatsoever?
  • How can someone praise God for something good that happened, but not blame him for the bad stuff that happens. Either one of the two options (praise or blame to God) cannot be substantiated, yet we continue to "praise God" but say that the bad stuff is just a "test" or "God works in mysterious ways.?"
  • Why is it that those that should "love their neighbor" actually are the most hateful groups?

And there are also the ones that haven't made it on this page, but are still floating somewhere on this site, like here or here.