Paranoia Movie Review (no spoiler)

paranoia-coverOne of the movies I saw recently was Paranoia with Harrison Ford, Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman and Amber Heard. Well, I must say that it was a great movie to play in the background while doing something else completely. I like to have some background noise sometimes when I'm blogging or doing maintenance on my blogs. For that, this was perfect.

It is rare that I agree with rottentomatoes about a movie, but in this case they are spot on with their 6% rating. Despite having two big names, Ford and Oldman, the movie is mostly a farce. The storyline is somewhat entertaining, but the execution is poor.

It's a classic case of a potentially good premise, but poor execution of the script and lack of understanding of technology. It tries to meddle with high tech stuff and social media but it falls flat on its face.

There are a couple of high paced scenes, but besides that this is one of those that should have gone straight to DVD. In fact I think it did because I don't remember hearing about this at all. The only way I found out about this was because I was browsing for movies I might have missed in the past few years.

When I saw Oldmans and Ford's name I thought: I must have seen this already. And perhaps I did but my brain removed it from my memories in an attempt at preventing me from getting mad at myself for wasting almost two hours. This is supposed to be a corporate tech thriller but it lacks the tech and the thrill.

There, In just 2 minutes I saved you almost two hours. Skip this one.

You bet your ass it sucks!

So I rated this movie pretty much as shit... But how do you rate this post?

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