Parrots in Irvine

Seriously, who would have thought you'd find parrots in Irvine? During the earlier weeks of summer and a little bit before, I would hear and see parrots all over the park near my house. Picasso got scared a few times when they would make noise as we walked under the eucalyptus trees where they hung out. The flock, or company if you want to be proper, in these photos aren't hanging out at the eucalyptus anymore. They picked another kind of tree that is nearby, maybe it camouflages them better. I love watching parrots hang out and be free. In Mexico you see them in cages all the time, on the side of the road, where the locals try to sell them to you as pets. Its a sad sight really, especially when you know these are such intelligent birds. It was a pleasure to watch them fly around and scare the crows away. I much rather hear the noise made by the parrots than the annoying ever lasting ruckus that the crows make. Enjoy the gallery.

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