Recap of January Blogging Activity

January so far was a good month for me as far as blogging goes. Also we landed several new clients and we're excited to work with them and design their websites. Stay tuned for that.

Here's a recap of my activity in January and a summary of the posts in case you missed anything. Just visit the January archive. To my surprise, there are actually 28 posts. 2 shy of 30 posts for the 30Day Blogging Challenge. Now that I got that part down. I need to share the posts with my Facebook group more regularly. To be honest, the reason I didn't do a lot of sharing this time around was because I couldn't ask people to read my blog if I wasn't going to read theirs and I didn't really have a lot of time to read or comment this past month. Being a dad is taking its toll in terms of time and availability.

To see all the posts from January, visit the archive here: January posts Summary. -- I missed a few posts that will be published in february. All in all, I've got a full plate for blogging in February. I've got a full review and commentary about Affiliate Summit West. Several WordPress Plugin reviews. 2 new website reviews and just general updates. Not to mention updating @WaterClaire's website.

I'm pretty happy about the traffic growth per week. That's one post I'd like to highlight to you so you can check it out and help me keep that goal going. I'm going for growth this week as well!

I was pretty active on Instagram and Foursquare, I'm playing around with them in preparation for our social media training course. Gotta push the boundaries in each network in order to know exactly what the boundaries are.

Another post I'd like to highlight is the one about Mailchimp. Mailchimp does not allow certain types of links or content in their systems so be careful and make sure you have your database backed up and you read their Terms of Service. They seem to be pretty strict about this. I also suggest an alternative in the post.

Update ( 2021-07-18) : Mailchimp has also been deleting accounts right and left due to "innactivity" I've just had this happen to a client of mine and when I went to check on it, 3 of my side-project accounts had been deleted. Add that to the list of reasons why I don't recommend, like or care for Mailchimp.

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