Enterprise Backup Project


Backup, backup, backup. The mantra of a good Systems Administrator. There is something really scary that will keep you up at night when you are in charge of an enterprise network and you aren't sure about your recovery strategy. One of the clients I work with is in a tight budget so naturally backup, to them, backup was an after-thought.

My task: to establish a full backup system, without spending a dime. Spending my time on this is okay since they have a budget for labor, just not software. I had to turn to the friendly OpenSource community. A bunch of names came up, and most of them are well known in the FOSS realm and some even have a foot or two in the door at the enterprise.

I have to decide whether to use Amanda or Bacula. Both seem very promising and challenging at the same time, each one with its own quirks. I tend to lean towards Amanda because it seems more robust and easier to manage --not that it will actually be easy.

I have a mixed environment of Networking devices, Windows Servers, VM Hypervisors and Linux servers. This should be fun.

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