Starbucks cheese

Check out what happens when you leave Starbucks cream out for a weekend! You get Starbucks Cheese! (picture is missing)

Well, besides the cheese I made by leaving the cream out for 3 or 4 days, I have a few things to complain about the big coffee guys. As you might know, I visit Starbucks quite frequently. I stop at whichever location is closest to me at the time when I leave a client's site or when I want to get out of the house and get some work done.

Recently they closed down one of the shops I visit the most. The store was closed for approximately 14 days for renovation. About five days after they reopened, I went back to check it out. What a disappointment, they renovated the store alright; it looks nice, new, clean, brighter and more appealing.

The problem is that they removed 20-30% of the area where you could sit down and enjoy your beverage! There used to be 6 round tables, and a handicapped table, with enough chairs for each table corresponding to its size. Now there are only 3 small tables and the handicapped table.

Wouldn't Starbucks as the store owner want people to hang out in the shop? When I went in the last time, I decided to get my drink and go home since all the tables were occupied. Had I stayed in the store, I would have spent 10 - 15 dollars over 2-3 hours. Instead, I bought my drink and left. It seems that they don't want customers to hang around.

This is not cool, I hope they evaluate these decisions more thoroughly in the future. Besides keeping their bottom line, they should also consider the customers that bring them repeated business!

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