Screenshot Pimp by Konverts, screenshot addon for Firefox

I'm on a roll, telling you about these cool apps. I'm also learning a lot about them so I'm here to tell you about a third screenshot utility I found. The previous two, Screengraby by Andy, Screen Capture Elite by Grizzly Ape, are good but I am all about choices. This is the third installment of the new section on my blog, and without further ado I present you Screenshot Pimp by Konverts.

Screenshot Pimp has a few more features than the previous two Firefox addons I reviewed. Just like other addons, this is installed through the Firefox addon facility and after a quick restart it will be available to use. While previous utilities I've reviewed have an icon to activate them, this one actually uses a full bar. The bar sits below your address bar and it provides with quick access to the utility's functions.

To the addon's fault, there are lots of options. Most of the options are unnecessary I think and some of the features provided by the addon are really not supposed to be there if you ask me, for example, the addon brought with it a search box and I really wasn't looking for another search box in my browser bar. With that said, there is one cool feature that might attract you to this addon. One of the options the addon provides is the ability to capture a video from a video website like Youtube, or Viddler, now that's Pimp!

Besides the feature to capture a video, this addon provides the necessary tools to capture part of a website, the whole viewable area or the entire page, even if you can't fit it all on your screen. Very handy, very useful with a few extra added features that help Screenshot Pimp might be the right app for you.

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