Stop Wasting Time Filling out Comment Forms

This video shows you how to save you tons of time when you're leaving comments around different blogposts. If you don't know, leaving good comments on other blogs is one of the best ways to build an audience and getting to know the author of the blog. And more importantly, it is a great way for the author to get to know you. This opens up the door for guest blogging opportunities, networking events, and of course increased traffic and readership.


  1. I type 92 WPM last I was tested. I guess in my case, I haven’t found it a time waster. Heheh. Thanks for the post Oscar!

    • definitely not a time waster, but I get sick of filling out name, email and url. So this is handy. I wish it would auto-fill, but I’m figuring out other ways of doing that. Coming up on a blogpost soon.

  2. 🙂 don’t go to random sites and start posting comments just to get visitors 🙁
    Thanks for the video..

    • Agreed Alex. I don’t advocate that, but going through my google reader list of sites I frequent, I’m in the 300+ range so being quick about it is essential.

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