Summer is Coming, Do you Have Your Coco Jack Yet? And Coupon.

The Coco Jack is really cool. It's a little device that allows you to enjoy coconuts like never before. Wait, what? You didn't know you can have fresh coconut at home? Well you couldn't really do it before. Not easily at least.

Where I grew up, in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), fresh coconuts are a staple of everyday life. You can get one almost anywhere you look. You'll find them near the beach or at the restaurants.

But now that I live in the US, it's hard to find coconuts fresh like back at home. But there's hope. Some grocery stores now sell fresh young coconuts, and the Coco Jack will help you open them without any trouble. If you're just looking for the Coco Jack coupon, scroll to the bottom.

The Coco-Jack will let you get the coconut meat, or coconut flesh out easily. If you do it a couple times, you'll be able to get the whole thing in one motion. So awesome! And of course, you can get the water too! Check out the video to see how it works, it's quite simple.

I don't think you can find many US grown coconuts, but the Coco Jack is proudly made in the USA. You can get it here: Coco Jack.

Oh and if you decide you want to get one of these things, the Coco Jack has a discount code, use "SWEETCOCO" when you buy it and you'll get 10% off. I recommend you get the Coco Jack Pack, it has everything you need.

I got this last year for father's day and, apparently I was eating a little too much coconut. LOL. Looking back, I gained quite a bit of weight back then. Glad to be back to normal now. I still want to lose more weight, but that's for another post.

Now where's my coconut?

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