It Takes Money to Make Money

Have you heard that before? Sure you have. It's a cliche that gets thrown around without much thought behind it. People often misuse it, but many times it is absolutely true.

I wanted to show you my latest bill for my web hosting. You can see the amount on the screenshot below.

This is a perfect example of using that phrase in great context. A website can be started for free. Sure you can start one at Blogspot or or anywhere else that offers "free" websites.

You may even be able to sell a few things and make some money.

I prefer to start a website with the resources ready for "the next step" and I then migrate from that to the next and so on. But I'm always one step ahead.

It is because of this that I always recommend that you pay for 2 things. Webhosting and your own domain. These two things could be the "next step" for your blog or business if you were to tart with a free website that you don't control 100% like it is the case with blogspot or

But believe me, it is really complicated and difficult to move from one of those services to a system you own and control fully. So why not start there and be ready for the next step from the beginning!

webhosting-billThat's how I see it. If you believe in yourself enough to even start, then start off right. That's how I started. I've had web hosting accounts since 2002. I have used dozens of companies and still use many now. Why because when oen of my site gets a lot of traffic or continues to grow I can just grow my hosting plan accordingly.

I don't need to move my site, or migrate to a new platform that is more capable. I literally need to just request more resources be added to my hosting account.

So check out my latest invoice and then tell me that "it's too expensive to get my own hosting." Inmotion Hosting has plans that are perfect to start and they cost less than $5.00 a month! I started in a plan just like that, and with time as I grow and add more websites and resources are needed, my plan has grown.

It doesn't mean that you have to keep moving up, but I run some specialized stuff for clients so I need specific resources. That's why it costs me that much. But even just my blogs use a higher plan than the base one because I am already for the next step.

Look at my bill again... yours could be $5.00 a month or less. Look at my bill again... $5.00 a month. Look... $5.00.

Seriously you have no excuse. For less than my favorite drink at Starbucks, you could start a business. Right now. Go visit Inmotion Hosting and get a website started.

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