The God Delusion

I told you my next book to read would be The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I started reading it, but unfortunately I got distracted with my San Francisco trip and Mexico WRC trip. After coming back I've been catching up and doing some development on my business. I finally got some time to sink into this book again last night. With that said, I think I'll have a review of the book ready soon. Its good so far, I think its engaging but I was put off a little bit by the seeminly apologetic introductory chapter. Where Hitchens pulls no punches, and Harris simply tells the facts, Dawkins is more reserved and diplomatic.

Before I decided it was time to pick up my book again, I revisited a video I saw a while ago. David sent it over, and it is one of my favorite videos. I love the introductory minute.

Besides the book I'm reading now, I also have received as a gift, "La Puta de Babilonia" by Vallejo. I don't know much about it, but it has received a lot of praise and good commentary. I will let you know if I agree or not. For now, enjoy the video.

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