Tips for People Working at Home Because of the Coronavirus

  • Use the Brave browser. It keeps you a little bit safer and it is faster than Chrome. It's free and based on the same root as Chrome (Chromium) so all your extensions work.
  • Use Zoom to hold meetings with video conferencing and desktop sharing. Alternatives include Google Hangouts,, and U Meeting.
  • One on one video meetings can easily be done with Facebook video, Facetime, Gchat video, Snapchat video calls, Signal, and many other apps.
  • Use DocuSign to have documents signed and processed instead of sending them by mail, in person or through a courier.
  • Set up a virtual phone system for your groups, or employees with Grasshopper.
  • Go for 15-20 minute walks around your neighborhood every 3 or 4 hours, even if it's just up down the street to help you with mental and physical well being.
  • Ask your boss for your chair and other equipment to make your work more familiar.
  • Start your day off with your regular routine. The only thing that will change is that you'll go to your new workspace instead of leaving the house and commuting to your office.
  • Plan for entertainment activities with your kids if you have young children in the house. They're going through this as well and they may feel like it's a vacation or time with mom/dad. Be patient with them.

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