Which Type of Reader is More Loyal?

In terms of ranking the loyalty or dedication of a regular visitor to your blog, how do you factor in all the reasons to determine which type of visitor is more loyal or which visitor you should focus your attention towards?

  1. Do you reward daily visitors that open up their browser and go to your website to catch up with your latest posts?
  2. Do you reward people that subscribe via RSS because they want to make sure they don't miss a thing! so more continue to subscribe via RSS?
  3. Or do you reward people that subscribe via email because they want to be notified right away when you publish something?

If you had to say that one of them is more loyal than the rest which and why would that be? For example, I might decide that RSS readers for my case are more loyal because they want to make sure they get all the feeds and they want to see each time I post a new thing and as frequently as they check their RSS reader.

So then I might publish something to them that doesn't show up for the people visiting the site. Perhaps it shows up later, but they get first dibs. Maybe I send them a coupon. Now the opposite would be true if I considered my visitors on my website more important.

I might publish articles and blogposts directly to the site and delay the delivery of email or RSS for a day or more. Thus rewarding the visitors that take time to visit my website with the latest information and available only there on the front page for 24 or even up to 72 hours before it goes to the mailing list or RSS. Similar cases can be made for email, or a combination of the three in various orders, so why is one way better for you than the other?

And I would keep in mind the argument can be made either way for any one of the three positions. But what's your position and why?

Some TV shows might reward the viewers that watch the show during its original air date and time by offering a prize, or interaction  that is only available during the live broadcast of their show.

Some shows are now allowing some interaction or rewards even after the show has aired, like calling in to vote sometimes can be done after the show aired and for a few days or about a week.

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