Landing Pages and Email Generate Sales

In this google hangout I explain how to build landing pages so that you can convert a visitor into a customer. The first part covers the theory, then I show more practical examples. This is followed by a session of question and answers. The last part of the video I go over two active landing pages created by members in my mastermind group and I critique them so that they can be improved.

Who should watch this? Anyone that is learning internet marketing. This is particularly useful for members of the My Top Tier Business program, My Online Business Education, and other affiliate marketing promotions. It follows basic principles of marketing and it can also be aligned with my Internet Marketing Basics Sales Flowchart.

You'll need two tools if you want to do what we talk about here. Head on over to get your landing pages here, and you'll also need an email autoresponder which you can get here for a buck!


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